If Only I Knew…

Alyssa, 3rd grade teacher Teaching is truly one of the most rewarding professions to ever exist. That being said, it presents its own unique challenges, most of which cannot be anticipated. There are so many things that I learned during my first year of teaching that I wish I could distill into a concise list for other beginning teachers, but the truth is that every … Continue reading If Only I Knew…

Four Tips for Beginning Teachers

by Jasmine, 2nd grade teacher “Trial by fire” is the phrase I think of when I reflect on my first two years as a teacher. I had amazing professors in college as well as a great cooperating teacher during my student teaching, but none of my experiences fully prepared me for leading my own classroom. Over the past two years I have learned many things … Continue reading Four Tips for Beginning Teachers

Lining up our Guest Bloggers

Currently we are lining up our guest bloggers, and anticipate our first guest to share their stories in October 2015. We anticipate both a Beginning Teacher sharing first year experiences, and a veteran educator sharing tips on student engagement and motivation. Follow us on Twitter (@teach4changency) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/teachforchangency) for more updates. Continue reading Lining up our Guest Bloggers

Project LAUNCH goes online!

Project LAUNCH, a mathematics-specific induction program for beginning elementary teachers, now has an online presence.  This site will offer beginning teacher guest bloggers, useful classroom tips, and ideas for elementary teachers to be agents of change (which we are calling “changency”) in their local teaching communities. Join us on our journey! Continue reading Project LAUNCH goes online!